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When I started looking for a general purpose logging program, I wanted a program that had flexible log searching with wildcards, the ability to track all the common awards, the ability to import and export ADIF and the ability to flexibly print mailing labels and QSL cards. Getting rig control and telnet and packet cluster would be icing on the cake.

I evaluated everything from Logger by KC4ELO, which will do everything in the world including packet, grayline maps, satellite tracking and built-in digital modes to the more bare bones logging programs like ACLog by N3FJP, GenLog by W3KM, VQLog by EA6VQ, QSOManager by IK4CLF, KLog by K5CRO and LogPA by PA3HBI.

After evaluation, I settled on XMLog by Michael McAmis, W1ECT. Not only did XMLog include everything in my criteria above, but it included cw or voice alerts when spots meeting your criteria were posted! Now my computer will announce the station when a rare one is spotted. XMLog is also supported by an active Yahoo group.

Now that you have a good, general purpose logging program, you may need software to help you import logs from other programs. With the software I found, you can convert to and from about a dozen different formats.

-David / N9KT