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Everyone has probably heard of the big three contesting programs: CT, TR and NA.

I wanted to tell you about another program that I have used for several years - N1MM Logger. N1MM Logger is a free, windows based contesting program complete with radio control, clickable bandmaps, and a telnet or radio packet cluster interface. The author, Tom N1MM, is very responsive and has fixed issues that have come up mid-contest. He also maintains a very active Yahoo group where people can ask questions and submit bug and enhancement requests.

Have you ever had a Cabrillo file that you wanted to convert to ADIF? Or, how about ADIF to TR? With the software I found, you can convert to and from about a dozen different formats. There's even a log checking program that looks at your log in much the same way as an official log checker! And guess what?  In the very best ham tradition, it's all free!

See you in the contest!

-David / N9KT