HDXCCthe Hoosier DX and Contest Club



  • Gain knowledge and skills from top DXers and Contesters at our monthly meetings.
    • Several of our club members are in the top 25% of world-ranked contesters by the Worldwide Amateur Radio Contesters Association.
    • Numerous members have participated in DXpeditions.
  • Get tips about increasing your contest scores and working rare DX.
  • Learn from our meeting programs provided by club members and invited speakers.
  • Be a part of a network of top contesters in the world.
  • Be involved with the club’s sponsorship of the Indiana QSO Party (INQP) and Worked All Indiana Award.
  • Gain knowledge from others about ham radio software, hardware, antennas, and other topics.
  • Get up to the minute information about DX topics and current contests from the HDXCC membership reflector.


The HDXCC is an ARRL affiliated club. Membership is open to anyone interested in DXing & contesting regardless of licensing or ARRL membership. There are no limitations on QTH of members.

Membership fees are $25 per year. The fee for first time new members is $10 for the balance of their first year. High school students or those undergoing financial hardship can receive special consideration upon request to the club Secretary/Treasurer.

To become an HDXCC member, mail (or bring to a club meeting) the following information:
Call sign
Mailing address
ARRL Member - Yes/No
Email address
Fee (cash or check to Hoosier DX & Contest Club)

Hoosier DX & Contest Club
ATTN: Secretary/Treasurer
10101 E 121st ST

Thank you for your interest in the HDXCC. If you have any questions about membership, please contact the Secretary/Treasurer at treasurer@hdxcc.org